kuffz Up is here

Yeyyyyyy!!!!! Kuffz Up is here

It’s like Christmas, New Years and Birthday for kuffzup!

I just received my first 500 packs!

Packaging final stage

Well, packaging finally got into it’s final stage and is in the printers hands. Worked out the colors and all details.

This is the outside of the box with the copy that I wrote with the help of my friends that gave me their 2¢. Thanks for your advise.

This is it!

After a little refinement from the previous back design I made some small  modifications to the words and the drawings.

I think this is it!


11/11/11 came and so did the sample product in my hands on this very day. Working on the packaging and marketing now.  There’s still time for my friends to get on board and LIKE our page on Facebook to get their free pair. 16 sets left! Tell your friends.